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Emphasis of the Year

1. Protect Your Teammates (On & Off the Court)

2. Don't Whine & Complain

3. Be Early for Everything (At least 15 minutes)

"There are only two options regarding commitment. Either you're in or you're out.There's no such thing as in between."

Upcoming Events

Answer on Alumni Page

How many former head coaches are currently in the high school building?
Dec. 2 - Concord Christian / Home

Dec. 6 - Meigs Co. / Away

Dec. 9 - Harriman / Home

Dec. 10 - Operation REACH

Dec. 12 - Kingston / Away

Dec. 13 - Wartburg / Away

Dec. 16 - Meigs Co. / Home

Dec. 19 - Cloudland / Home

Dec. 20 - Unaka / Home

Dec. 28 - Oneida / Harriman

Dec. 29 - Coalfield / Harriman

Dec. 30 - Oakdale / Harriman

Quote of the Week:
"Little things eventually add up to big things."
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Website dedicated to the memory of Julia Zumstein, Lefty & Mickey Kamikawa
2016-17 season dedicated to memory of Mike Richards, longtime radio voice of Tiger basketball

13 Time District Champions

End of Lockers
Indivdual lockers and wall sign above lockers
Sign above lockers
Sign above lockers
Individual lockers
New locker graphics and signs